Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Hot Sunday Afternoon !!

Hi Everyone,
Its a gorgeous day today, bit hot outside so i thought i'd stay in and do some felting today.  First after checking out our Studio site i found that Ruth had put up the Felting Around the Web Post. She always seems to find some really great links so i thought before i start felting i'd have a go at making some Skeleton Leaves

What a joke,  i used mainly gum leaves and few others i found and after simmering away in the solution for nearly 2 hours this is what i ended up with.  No skeletons in there lol   nothing i did would take off the outter green leafy bits and the whole pot just went to absolute mud. Smelt like rotten peas to lol
Anyway i did have some fun watching and seeing what or if anything would happen and took some lovely pics for you to see haha

                    This is after almost 2 hours of simmering away, it was a thick slushy mess

Still leaves,  and not even soft enough to strip away the green outter layer, in fact as they cooled down they became as stiff as a board lol  Dont think i'll be trying that again and now i have to clean that pot  lol  

While waiting for that to do what it was suppose to do i layed out some more fibres to make another sheet of felt.  I used BFL with lots of threads, silks, organza, and rainbow nylon.  Some of the organza didnt really want to felt in but i'll stitch that down when i decide what i'm doing with it
                                                                Before Felting


After Felting , it has a nice sheen with the nylon  

Happy Felting xo

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Felting with Nylon

I've been playing with some different fibres to see what i can do,  Were were talking on the forum about shredding sari silk yarn or ribbon so this is what i did.
The base is 2 layers of BFL liecester and then on top i added lots of bits of shredded up sari silk ribbon, then shredded or peeled layers of organza yarn, which ended up a bit like silk waste and then topped it off with some rainbow Triloban Nylon top, that the lovely Zed sent me, Its like Angelina but really lovely and  soft.  Its still wet when i took the pics and it seems to have gone a bit dull but i'm hoping once its dry it will pop again.  I really like the colors all together and i might turn this into another journal cover.

Before Felting

After Felting, but still wet, yes i'm impatient lol

Now that its dry and it does have a gorgeous sheen to it. sorry you cant see in the pic

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 2 of TAST !

I've just finished my week 2 of TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) this week was the Buttonhole stitch, I'm really loving this and now i have another page for my Stitches Book :)

Our first Giveaway for our new site is almost over with the winner drawn tomorrow night, We have had an impressive number of entries for this and some really lovely comments , Thankyou you all so much.   Its not to late to enter  so follow the link to add your name,

Happy Days Everyone :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Our First Giveaway

We've decided to have our first Giveaway in celebration of our new Felting and Fiber Studio
For more information and a chance to win,
 please follow the link and leave a comment over at our site :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday

or TAST from Sharon B's Pin Tangle site,   which is learning a new stitch every week ,so this is the latest project we'll be working on and hopefully get through every single week of it
I've decided to make mine using a square frame and calico, i'll do random stitches in the square until i'm comfortable with that stitch and then at the end of the 52 weeks i'd like to make my squares into my own book of stitches, not sure how i'll do that yet and there's no hurry as we still have 51 weeks to go.

                                                       This is the first one, a Fly Stitch

You can see where i started, on the left lol  and got a bit more adventurous as i moved across, i had to add some french knots, there's not many stitches that i know but i can make a frenchy lol  I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and it'll be a great reference point to keep going back to.  I'm looking forward to next weeks stitch.  If you click on the pic it will enlarge so you can see the stitches better !!
If you'd like to join in then please just follow the link below to Sharon's site
Happy Stitching xo

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Simply Amazing

Well it finally happened, We became Nana and Pop yesterday afternoon,  WooooHoooooo

Here is Little Charlie weighing in at 6lb 4oz's and the most devine little thing ever , My son Sean is over the moon and just cant believe he's a Dad. Mum Kelly doing very well and cant keep the smile from her face.

How Gorgeous

Daddy's got you Charlie Girl !!! He cant take his eyes off her and its so gorgeous :)

And me with my granddaughter !!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

WIP Album Cover

Hello  bloggerets  and now we have  another year over and a new one starting, I hope to be able to create much more felting and fibery fluffiness in 2012. In the last couple of months i have finally discovered that Mixed Media is my thing. Yeahhhh i cant believe that it took me so long to work out lol 
 So now for my latest  project which was going to be a baby album cover but i dont thinks its as suitable as planned so im just continueing with it for a normal album cover and i'll lay out some more suitable fibres for the baby album. This is all i've managed so far, not much i know ( with Christmas and stuff)  and i dont think i could have picked a brighter color bead than orange lol   The next row of beads will probably be green (bright) or maybe purple and i'll add lots more stitches with brighter threads and different beads to go with.  

I also think i picked the wrong color thread for what i've done so far, but its all good practise anyway so i'm not really worried and i'll just keep going and see how it turns out !

I've since unpicked all of this and its now resting quietly in my UFO bin,  i ended up hating it !!!!

So for now Happy Felting Everyone and Happy New Year !!