Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Hanging in Progress

No not a hanging by the neck lol  althoughhhhhhhhh  !!!

I've made a start on my wall hanging and i still have a long way to go but just showing pics of the work so far with some stitches and beads. I've used back stitch, straight stitch, french knots and thread salad. The thread salad stitch came from a tutorial by Victoria Crowder Payne and i get such a kick out of using it , it still needs more and makes a great grassy area, tree branches or even moss, i love it , I have lots more work to do on in yet but really enjoying seeing it come together
                                                                       Happy Felting xo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blogger Problems

Hi Everyone
I'm still having so many problems replying to comments left on this blog so i just wanted to say thankyou so much to all you lovely people for the awesome comments xoxo

I can reply to some using your email address but if its not in your profile page then i cant do that either ??
Is anyone else still having problems with replying to comments, When i log in i dont check the keep me signed in box and i'm still having trouble. When i do sign in and go to (view my page)  its still telling me to sign in . Sooooo frustrating , any help would be very much appreciated 

karen xo

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More from me again ( all in one day) ha

I did say it was a beautiful day and it really got me in the mood for felting. This is the second one today and i love making these pictures, I do need to order more brightly colored fibre though as my stash is running low.

Before Felting
       After Felting, i had a hard time felting this one as it just didnt want to stay put so i have a bit of adjusting and needling to do.
I'll be adding lots of beads and embroidery and hope to make it pop !!!

Making a Start

Well i did say it was a beautiful morning here and i couldnt wait to make a start, so i'm hopeful that this will turn out how i have it in my mind lol  always a worry haha 
                                             All layed out and ready to roll ! Merino, silk, merino /silk blend, angelina and touch of throwsters waste
                                          After 1000 rolls and some bashing around the sink , not sure i should keep going as the top right edge is still a bit thick ?  Its outside drying right now so i'll see what happens. I will cut a piece from this anyway . I like the colors so hopefully it will be ok for boy or girl album !!

Happy Felting xo

Hello Hello !!!!

Well Hello everyone, i know its been a while again but i've been a bit stuck and the idea's were just not flowing, well actually they were but getting started was the problem. Not sure why that happens and its very frustrating to say the least , so here i am again and on this beautiful sunny morning ( and my day off work) i've been totally inspired so i'm about to lay out some fibres and have a play.
My inspiration today come from this lady as i just love her work, love the colors and textures, Thankyou Ro.  What i would like to make is a felt and embellished photo album cover for my Daughter In Laws mum. Were both about to be first time Nana's ( so exciting) in around 11 weeks. Jill ( the other nana) is a gorgeous woman and i do know she likes what i make so i'm sure however it turns out she'll treasure it.  When My son married her Daughter i gave her my favorite piece ( actually she nagged and nagged to buy it) lol  as a token of our joining families, Its sits in pride of place in her home and she loves it . This was the piece i gave her.

Now i really want  to make an album cover dedicated to her (our) first grandchild, with embroidery and beads, color and texture , something simple but elegant and my problem is i dont know if i can do elegant lol  I've been thinking about it for ages and  instead of getting stuck in  i've just procrastinated to no end, i get nervous and that frustrates the heck out of me lol   
So anyway thanks to Ro i'm going to tackle it and i'll let you know how i go

Something else that made me excited this morning was one of my Etsy pieces made a treasury list, I'm not really sure what that is lol  but i liked it anyway so thankyou for that to, its spurring me on

Ok Happy Felting Everyone !!