Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I just joined Ravelry yesterday and what an awesome site that is i love it(thanks Mandie for the invite) so much to do and learn and i found a link for making coils in your yarn, so i just had to have a go. First up i used the wrong base yarn, something i spun and not nearly strong enough to do the whole yarn in coils so i just did one every 6-10 inches or so. Its a bit loose in spots and a bit thick or thin in other spots but i really love the effect and i'll definetely be trying again, I only have a drop spindle at the moment but oooooo i really need a wheel. This took me hours and hours lol
I'm so sorry about my camera, its so old and doesnt show up no-where near as well as in real life. But this just gives an idea. This is the yarn from the post below. :))

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thought i would have a change this week from the fundraiser and work (although i still have to go there) but the rest of the time i've been getting some dyeing done. This is practically locking myself away for 2 days and washing, dyeing and carding wool. I think i really needed the change, i've had the most peaceful time and my family have just left me to it.

Im trying to spin some yarn again, there's a few thick and thin spots and some nubbly bits but i love it anyway.
I'll try to ply this when its finished and see what happens.