Friday, September 6, 2013

Closing this Blog

Unfortunately i'll be closing this blog shortly,  we've had a bad year health wise, my Hubby was diagnosed with a lung disease early in the year but  i'm happy to say he's doing really well now, I on the other hand kind of fell in a heap, crashed and burned big time. Im finally coming out of it and realised that what I was always searching for was a different kind of art form that felt and fibre related.  Thankyou so much Ruth , Ann and Zed for all your patient and understanding, I wont go into to much more here as I've sent you all a letter xoxo

So now I've gone back to an old Love,  and that's mosaics,  in my dark times my very close friend suggested we play around a bit, and as I hadn't done any of this for about 10 years I thought id give it a go mainly to make my friend happy lol .  Sure enough I felt the passion kicking back in and I now realise that this is what im meant to be doing

Thankyou so much to my followers on here, I really appreciate you all and please feel free to join me on my new blog lol   I'll re-follow you all over there,  i'll be here at  if you'd like to see what I've been doing and keep in touch. 
I'll leave you a pic of one of my latest and I really hope to see you at my new blog

                                                  She's all glass with beading on her eyes and lips and I love her xoxo

Thanks so much and see you soon xoxoxoxo