Saturday, February 9, 2013

Something New ! Again !!

I seem to be moving in all different directions lately and exploring new things.  I'm having a fantastic time learning and developing new appreciations :) 

Here's another Altered Book i finished, i wanted to put some aussie flavour on this one , i do think there kinda strange but i'm enjoying playing around. 


Then i was looking around the web for more uses for Gesso and well, one thing let to another and i was hooked on abstract painting,  i really want to have a play around with that but in the mean time i found an excellent tutorial on painting so of course i had to have a go. One of the artist's that i was watching is Skye Taylor, he does some awesome work but also has lots of video's, with tips and ideas',  one of the main things he said ( that i heard) was  Dont be afraid !  so i wasnt and i jumped in lol

This is my first Ever painting and i'm very happy, i followed an online tutorial from Amy Pearson ( ) and i had so much fun ,  i'm looking forward to learning more and getting into some abstract work ( my favorite) so far    

 another favorite is Pete Dranitsin and i might even do his online art lessons,  i've painted another small one using one of his free online lessons but its not quite finished , i'm so loving it

so anyway, its onwards and upwards, things change, people change and i'm in the throws of trying to find whats best for me and having a lot of fun along the way.