Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Challenge at the Studio

Hi Everyone
Over at our new site we will be adding a Studio Challenge every quarter, this is just for fun and the first one is a challenge on creating any Twist's Twirls or Spiral to add texture to Felt
This could be anything including Coiled or Twisted Wool in Felt or a Mixed Media piece
Check out the link and come have some fun  http://feltingandfiberstudio.com/ we'd really love to see you there and see what everyone comes up with :)

We did have a bit of heads up with first one lol but here's a bit of what i've made for this

                                                                         Happy Felting

Monday, November 21, 2011

Something Amazing

Hi Everyone, well i can now let you know what we've really been up to lately.

I'm so excited to announce that myself and 3 of my Felting Friends from different parts of the world have joined forces and created an amazing new site . We went live this morning and although we had some stressful times , its been so much fun working with these 3 great ladies.  So  Ruth ( from the US) , Zed (from the UK) , Ann (from Canada) and me Karen (from Australia)  have created the Felting and Fibre Studio
We'll be doing studio challenges, tutorial based challenges and putting up lots of information on different fibre arts  projects, mixed media, nuno, wet felting, needle felting, or learning about different fibres for different projects
We would love you to come along and join in the fun, feel free to leave a comment  or follow along with us
Happy Felting xo

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What i've been up to :)

I know im a bad blogger sometimes but i promise i'm not sitting idle !!


This is a mixed media small wall hanging using felt ( of course) beads and stitching and then i mounted it onto a background from an old hard back book which i added gesso, paint and used shiva sticks.  I really like the way it turned out and definitely going to do more !

The bottom piece of felt, stitched and embelished

                                                              Flower and background, stitches and beads

                                                 Book board covered with gesso and shiva stixs

Next post will be a huge announcement and i cant wait to tell what i've really been up to, apart from the above .  Sorry to be a tease but thought i'd stir and keep you all guessing lol   Its Big :):)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hand Made Beads

Hi Everyone
Its been a while since i posted anything and i have been busy but not much to show or tell lately
Till now of course,  i've seen some gorgeous hand made textile beads lately so i thought i'd give it a go and create some of my own. I do have a fair bit of practising to do but there so much fun to make. I've never used a heat gun before either so that was interesting :)
Anyway this is my very first lot of beads using Tyvek, Angelina and Metalic thread, The bead on the top i thought i'd be clever and wrap it with cling wrap, i'm really surprised at how strong and hard they are, Sorry about the pics i just cant get closer with my camera without it all distorting.  Am i on the right track ??

This is my second try, the top row is the first one i killed ( ooops i mean made) and the bottom row is my second attempt. I'm so loving this i need to find out what other sort of things can be added in and how do you stop the need for a third hand lol i guess i'm just not used to working with anything so small.