Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Book Cover

I've been working on another book cover, this one i added a whole piece of silk to the front, you can see where it didnt quite felt in but thats ok as i'm going to add stitching and beads to this one, It actually fit the book to so i was pleased as punch with that.
Front of course
Just to give an idea of the texture, i love it
                                                                             Inside right
Inside left
and back cover, its a little darker than what this shows up
I'm also making a small purse for my camera but its giving me a bit of grief so i'll keep working on that.
To let everyone know as well, i've been trying to add comments to some blogs and that word verification just wont let me, Heathers in fine but not the rest. I've unchecked the sign in box as last time that was the problem but it still wont let me add comments and i give up after around 8 goes :)
Happy Felting xo

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Week

Hi Everyone, I just put this post on the forum so thought i'd put it here to,  I tried to get in some felting this week, I didn’t get as much accomplished as I would have liked but at least I managed a few things, We had such a beautiful sunny day the other day that I felt like felting some flowers :)

I had a fair bit of trouble with the first smaller one getting the stem attached, it took me an episode of NCIS of rubbing and squishing with lots of soap to actually get the flower head and stem firmly attached. Then with the larger one I decided to do the stem and large flower as a whole which seemed to work so much better, I also made another smaller flower head and inserted it in the centre by needle felting it together, there both pretty strong now and I’m fairly happy though I know I can do better.

I really wanted to make a vessel of some sort to so off I started again, I cut a resist and was thinking I’d do an enclosed one and then cut and see whats underneath, mmmmm first of all the shape was all wrong again, it was more bag shape than vessel shaped, well to me anyway
I wasn’t really sure how many layers to do so I started with 3 layers of white Romney, ( sorry I forgot to take a pic of that part) then added a layer of purple BFL –merino

Then a layer of redy, it looks more pink in the pic but its redy orange really
Then the final layer of more red and lots of sari silk, threads and nylon

5 layers in total and its already super strong and nice and thick.
So now I didn’t much like it as a vessel, as I said the shape is wrong and I’ve already cut the top off and tried to get it in the shape I want but of course it just wanted to look more like a sack than anything else :) and once again I didn’t take a pic of trying to get that shape, so after much bravery I cut more and more and now I’ve ended up with what will be a small bag but Ill have to make a new handle and mess around with it way more than I wanted. Having said that I’m really enjoying playing around with it and we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out. Don’t be shocked but this is what I have to play with now and I do have more of an idea of what the finished piece will look like but it’ll take me a couple more days to finished it off

The flap isn’t going to stay that shape this is just as far as I’ve got with it right now and I’m going to add some leather ( i think) and generally mess around with it.
So thats it so far, next week i wont have anything in my house, not even the kitchen sink :) so it might be a couple of weeks before i can get into anymore felting. hope your all having a fun week. Happy Felting xo