Saturday, April 30, 2011

OOO Baby Baby

I know i havent blogged for a couple of weeks but i'm so excited now, My Gorgeous boy and is beautiful wife of a year and a half have just found out their having a baby. I'M GOING TO BE A NANA lol and i cant wait.  It seems a long time coming, they've been together for 10years now and married last year and their soooo  ready to be parents.  they'll make the best Mummy and Daddy ever, or is that just me being biased lol   The whole family ( both sides) are over the moon and its our first Grandchild ( on both sides to) so you can imagine how happy us 2 nana's are  :)  Bring on Christmas , she's due on the 28th of December, i'm sure it will fly by, hope so anyway lol

                                                           AND THE CIRCLE BEGINS
cheers Nana Kaz xo