Thursday, October 11, 2012

My First Nuno Felt

I finally did it, my first nuno felt and i made a little vest for my Granddaughter Charlie, I did blog about it here

But !!!!!
So this is my first nuno one and although its far from perfect i'm happy to have had a go and looking forward to trying again

I used Merino and BFL along with lots of silk, silk threads & sari ribbons

 Thought i might have over done the bits and pieces at first, and i did add a bit to much fiber on top because i wanted it a bit more wrinkly than what it came out, but thats ok '

This is after throwing it about 100 times, it did shrink a lot
Cutting it up and adding beads, blanket stitching all the edges and all had to be done by hand as i dont have a machine anymore , and i know its just plain and simple but its the first one lol

Of course i did cut a pattern from one of her tops but i should have made the front sides a bit larger, she's still only little but she seems to be filling out nicely, love the double chin lol 

Its not going to fit her for long but i'm still happy with the way it turn out and learning by my mistakes is half the fun  !!
Happy Felting !!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Finished Book Cover

Well i finally finished my book cover, i just added a few clusters of beads and i'm pretty happy with the end result. Normally when i add beads to things i have this thing that i need to make them nice and even and really symetrical and thats what always stops me and ends up giving me so much grief. This time i decided not to fuss and just start adding willy nilly sort of.   I kind of just picked up certain colors and beads, dropped and spread em and then stitched in place. Sooo much easier and a lot less stress than trying to get them all perfect and patterny :)  I dont even think it needs any fancy stitches. I havent fixed on a closure for this one and i dont think i will but i'll sit on it for a while and see !

A little close up of the bottom part and i dont think it needed any more than this,  I really like the colors of the fibre as well !

And now i'm a Happy Camper :)