Sunday, October 7, 2012

Finished Book Cover

Well i finally finished my book cover, i just added a few clusters of beads and i'm pretty happy with the end result. Normally when i add beads to things i have this thing that i need to make them nice and even and really symetrical and thats what always stops me and ends up giving me so much grief. This time i decided not to fuss and just start adding willy nilly sort of.   I kind of just picked up certain colors and beads, dropped and spread em and then stitched in place. Sooo much easier and a lot less stress than trying to get them all perfect and patterny :)  I dont even think it needs any fancy stitches. I havent fixed on a closure for this one and i dont think i will but i'll sit on it for a while and see !

A little close up of the bottom part and i dont think it needed any more than this,  I really like the colors of the fibre as well !

And now i'm a Happy Camper :)


  1. Now that is what I call real art. Quilters have a problem of trying to line everything up and make it even. But, it is hard to explain to someone, that this is not the best way to embellish. Your cover is a good example of working like an artist and not just craft.

  2. Lovely journal cover Karen.. really pretty! I like dropping beads on and stitchin em where they land too.. looks more natural.

  3. Awwww Judy thankyou so much, i think my problem came from when i used to make quilts, everything had to be nice and even but with felting or a lot of other things it just doesnt work that way, i'm a slow learner but at least i learn eventually xo

    Thankyou Deborah, this was probably the first time i actually had fun adding beads :)

  4. Having fun and relaxing is important. No use stressing over stuff, right? :)

  5. Very pretty - I love the way you've blended the colours and scattered the beads.

    When Annie and I went to a 'nuno felt scarf' workshop, the tutor suggested adding some seed beads. She advised to get beads of the colours you wanted, then throw them on the ends of the scarf and sewing them in place where they landed.
    Good advice, because when you're all grown up you lose the ability to be random. All those years of being encouraged to be neat!

  6. Thats exactly right Ruth :)

    Thankyou Lyn, that sounds like the best way to do it to, no more neatness for me when it comes to beading lol