Thursday, February 12, 2009


I know most of you have seen the news in Australia about the worst event in our Australian History, bushfires have wiped out whole towns and caused so much carneige and distruction, Its the saddest time in our lives with so many people perishing in these fires as they came so quickly there was absolutely no time for some area's to be evacuated. Now Over 1800 homes lost and so many lives !!!!! fires are still burning now after almost 2 weeks so there is still a lot of concern.
I didnt really want to put any photo's up as the survivors have been through so much already. But ??
So now what to do, most of us feel so helpless and unable to do a dam thing so i had a thought and after a few phone calls and the green light to go-ahead, i'm organising a fundraiser to help our survivors try to re-build there lives.
There were so many people on our FeltingForum that wanted to know what they could do to help , so this is what we've come up with.
As we live in a major tourist area we have organised (and registered in conjuction with the REDCROSS) an ARTIST OFFERING FUNDRAISER to be held in one of our busiest times of the year. Easter Weekend. were calling all Artist's to donate a piece of their art to be sold in this Fundraiser. As i am involved in the Forum but Live in Victoria Australia i am volunteering to be the collector and co-ordinator of all items. Anything that is sent will be LOGGED and registered and preciously looked after.
Would anyone wanting to donate items please put a small tag ( Link attached ) on everything , with your name and were your from, I think this should make it so much more special and buyers can see items donated from all around the world. The deadline will have to be Friday the 3rd of April to allow me those few days in the next week to set everything up. and it will start on Easter Good Friday the 10th of April, and will be run for 3 days. I have had a fantastic Venue Donated by our Masonic Lodge Committee and the Feedback and Support i have recieved from this so far as been amazing with so many people wanting and needing to help.
Please rest assured that any items you send will be extremely well looked after.
Thankyou so much for reading this, if you would like to contact me then please feel free , also if you could add this link to your blogs to spread the word, that would be AWESOME
To Send your Art Work the details are
Karen Erickson
C/O Artist's Offering Fundraiser
P.O.Box 308
Cowes , Victoria
Australia 3922
Pricing your item is optional as we will price to sell.
Please print out tags and add to your donated art work
Thankyou so Much

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Learning to Spin on a Drop Spindle

I was never really interested in spinning yarn but just thought i would give it a go and
now i'm learning to spin, i love it,
Go Figure lol

These ones are just drying out at the moment with weights.
The pink is merino and the only one so far that i've plied, purple merino, raw merino and then a mix of merino and alpaca. the bulk of my fleece is merino that i dye and card but i think i might have to acquire some different types of fibres to card together.

Daz (hubby) made me a winder, its a pretty rough one but he calls it his prototype lol but hey it still works a treat and spins pretty fast.

This is the first lot i did, the colored one is bought rovings and the other is raw carded merino which i'll dye later.

Made myself a couple of drop spindles, first one broke as soon as i put the cup hook in (the one with the black tape), its still works though , i think i might need some smaller ones to.
Now i've seen some gorgeous ones out there and i know these are pretty plain and simple but there great for learning on.

Im having so much fun with this now
i find it very relaxing sitting there playing and making yarns. I'd love to make some Art yarns and really fun stuff.
Cheers all and Happy Felting, Spinning,Carding, Everything