Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Learning to Spin on a Drop Spindle

I was never really interested in spinning yarn but just thought i would give it a go and
now i'm learning to spin, i love it,
Go Figure lol

These ones are just drying out at the moment with weights.
The pink is merino and the only one so far that i've plied, purple merino, raw merino and then a mix of merino and alpaca. the bulk of my fleece is merino that i dye and card but i think i might have to acquire some different types of fibres to card together.

Daz (hubby) made me a winder, its a pretty rough one but he calls it his prototype lol but hey it still works a treat and spins pretty fast.

This is the first lot i did, the colored one is bought rovings and the other is raw carded merino which i'll dye later.

Made myself a couple of drop spindles, first one broke as soon as i put the cup hook in (the one with the black tape), its still works though , i think i might need some smaller ones to.
Now i've seen some gorgeous ones out there and i know these are pretty plain and simple but there great for learning on.

Im having so much fun with this now
i find it very relaxing sitting there playing and making yarns. I'd love to make some Art yarns and really fun stuff.
Cheers all and Happy Felting, Spinning,Carding, Everything


  1. So fabulous!! Karen!! You are learning how to make art yarn - Art Yarn Rocks - I have a strange attraction to it even though I don't weave, knit or crochet. I love to hang it up and look at it! The purple skein looks particularly gorgeous. Good stuff!!!!

  2. awww Thanks Kay, i hope to makes lots of different yarns, i just have to practise some more. lol

  3. I bought a drop spindle a while back. Learning to make my own pretty fun yarns has been a dream of mine. I have two goals this year I want to be able to say I can spin and knit and not mean I know how but that I can do both well.
    It looks like you are making some wonderful yarns. Your winder looks great to me. I hope you post about this more I would love to learn with you.

  4. Thankyou Laura and yes i will definitely keep blogging about this and everything else, i'd love to have someone else to learn with.
    Love your blog its sounds like you have fun
    cheers and happy whirling