Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chronicle of !!!!!

No not Narnia !!!!!   the chronicles of Sinister Stitch by the lovely Victoria Crowder Payne, depicting 13 poisons from the garden that she is representing in stitch.  I'm totally hooked on this woman's work and  i didnt realise until recently that i love to stitch.  I also love to felt, and i need and want to learn to  incorporate both together.  I was totally surprised and soooo happy when Victoria  put up the second episode called  Effection and Applause and i saw she added my work to her site,  Thankyou so much Victoria,  after the month i've had it was so nice to see and lifted my spirits immensely ,  If anyone would like to view her work and make a pledge to her cause ( i'm very happy i did) then please take a look at this link.

So now on to why i havent been around for quite a few weeks and sorry if this is long winded .
Stress is a bitch !!! Worry does damage !!! and sometimes its all for nothing.
About 4 weeks ago i had to go to the doctors and she found a lump in my breast. So then off to have a mammogram and ultrasound, NOTHING showed up in the mammogram but the ultrasound showed a definite lump. Left breast , 2.00oclock  6cm. !   So then it was off to our breast clinic to see a specialist and have a biopsy, yuk.   The specialist told me ( before the biopsy results came back) that i had Breast Cancer but we'll still wait and see the results of the biopsy. I asked him why he could tell me that now instead of waiting and he said because this is all i do and this is what i know, ok.   I had to tell my family ( my boys and girl ) my husband what he said ( hard work) but that it was also very small and  very early so all should be well.  I went back the other day for the results and it seems now that there is only 10% chance of me having cancer. I can tell you the relief was huge, It's definitely  not a cyst and the Doctors wants it out. (me to)  .  He said taking a biospy on something so small is hit and miss and he still believes that it will be cancer BUT so early and so small thats its easy fixed.  Do i have to tell anyone the HUGE relief i felt coming out of there,  To be told you have Breast Cancer and then told you dont but the Doctor is still not convinced is frustrating to say the least..  I'm waiting to be called up for surgery and then we'll know for sure but as far as i'm concerned, its better out than in. 
So my mind hasnt exactly been on the right path , and  i did let myself go to a  very dark place for a couple of days , not a nice thing, but now no matter what the outcome i'm happy with knowing that ALL WILL BE WELL and i'm not going anywhere lol . Plus i have a new grandchild on the way ( first one) so where bursting with excitement for his /her arrival around the 28th of December.
So thats been my last month or so and now apart from surgery coming up, i'm putting it  behind me and i'm moving on to bigger, better and brighter things.
Happy Felting or Stitching and please do whatever makes you happy.  I definitely will be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Wet Felted Wall Hanging

Here's another one from me, i'm definitely hooked on this and i found Victoria Payne and her site Freedom of Stitch and wow i'm even more hooked now. She does some amazing work, anyway this is my new one with one of her stitches, i still have so much to learn i wish i had have learnt to embroider when my Aunty tried to teach me a lifetime ago lol

This is using merino from Stefknits on Etsy, its her cupcake line and i love using this, so easy and awesome colors,, I've also added in some silk and then me practising some stitches !
                                         Close up of stitches and with Victoria's Salad stitch sprinkled down the bottom,    secured with some black french knots. I might have to add some more of this as i love it
                         I tried to do an embroidered leave on one of the flowers but didnt work out so well,      just more to practise and i'm happy with that :)
                                                                     Happy Felting :))