Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Wet Felted Wall Hanging

Here's another one from me, i'm definitely hooked on this and i found Victoria Payne and her site Freedom of Stitch and wow i'm even more hooked now. She does some amazing work, anyway this is my new one with one of her stitches, i still have so much to learn i wish i had have learnt to embroider when my Aunty tried to teach me a lifetime ago lol

This is using merino from Stefknits on Etsy, its her cupcake line and i love using this, so easy and awesome colors,, I've also added in some silk and then me practising some stitches !
                                         Close up of stitches and with Victoria's Salad stitch sprinkled down the bottom,    secured with some black french knots. I might have to add some more of this as i love it
                         I tried to do an embroidered leave on one of the flowers but didnt work out so well,      just more to practise and i'm happy with that :)
                                                                     Happy Felting :))


  1. Your felted wall hangings are gorgeous - love the rich colors and your design.

  2. Thankyou so much Paula, i really appreciate that :)

  3. Your felted flower pieces are wonderful, I love the one in the previous post too.

  4. Oh Thankyou so much Ro, thats so nice of you :)