Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not quite a pod

Some of the girls over on our Studio site and forum  have been making bird pods and they look amazing. Well i thought i'd try my hand to and it didnt quite turn out lol

My so called pod ended up looking more like a pink sorting hat from Harry Potter, as i started felting i realised that i'd cut the resist all wrong, thinking only of the top and not the bottom, silly me so, what started out looking like this

then became a secret fairy house with a very shy fairy, i was quick though and managed to get this shot lol

These flowers were probably the best ones ive done so far .  I ended up having some fun with this so i'll try another pod shortly.

So come and join us over at the studio and have some fun in our interactive forum
See you there and happy felting  !!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

More from me !!

I've just put the blog post up in our studio site along with a felted note book cover i made

I  have added to my tree project in my mixed media course.  I”ve added some more stitching with some leaves and flowers  in straight stitches and French knots and I did try to be very clever and create a picot stitch, ( on the right up the trunk )  I haven’t done one of them before and I want to do a vine going around and up the tree and in a 3d kind of effect,  so this is my first attempt at that stitch and while I thoroughly enjoyed how it works I will more than likely take those few out and re-do. That was just a bit of practise J  I’ve also added a spider web and the dreaded spider ( sorry zed )  he's a friendly one   J    

I am really enjoying this and although nothing is perfect  and its not supposed to be, I’m loving how its all coming together.  I still need to add more foliage and I’m not really sure what to do with the background but it does need something, maybe a shrub or to in the far distants.   I’m just taking my time with this project and as things come to mind I’ll be adding them in !!

This is my latest note book cover using stitch and beads

The whole post is over at our Studio Site

Happy Felting & Stiching xo 

Monday, March 5, 2012

More Mixed Media

Sorry I haven’t been able to post in a couple of weeks, we’ve been very busy with Family and friend commitments, weddings, engagements and 50th birthdays.  I’m so glad its all over now and we can get back to normality, plus I’m partied out and pooped lol

 I'm a bit behind in my course with Victoria but as its an online course this one is able to be done at leisure and I’ll always have it, which is great

For this course we had to do some pages in a book and as I’m not a really big fan of altered books, although i have seen some gorgeous ones,  I’ve used some pages and then on calico and a couple of canvas’s.  The pages are so far done using acrylic paints, pressed flowers and stamps made from leaves, you can see that I’m not very good at the stamping bits lol  But I am still having fun so that’s the main things, and i will add some stitches on this to see how it goes.

The next one is on canvas and using water color pencils and painting with coffee, of all things, lucky I bought a jar that we really don’t like so I’ll keep that for this use.  And yes its smells like coffee everytime i pick it up lol

I do prefer to work on calico so this is my tree. This is done using acrylic paints and coffee again. Victoria uses memory thread which I don’t have ( YET) so  for the main area of the tree I used the 6 strands of thread and the rest is using 3 strands, I still have a fair bit to do on this as it needs flowers, bugs and spiders. The foliage is her thread salad stitch which I really like and can be used for a lot of fill in work and more foliage.

And last but by no means least is my gorgeous Granddaughter Charlie,  She’s such a little sweetheart, at 7 weeks old she’s  full of smiles and a very contented baby, at least until she's hungry lol  Were all in love J

So till next time Happy Felting and Stitching or whatever it is you love to do