Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Bag !

It was time to attempt another bag and i'm a lot happier with this one, i still need a lot more practise but i'm actually going to use this as my everyday bag,  its only day 1 so we'll see how it holds up lol

I've used Alpaca, BFL, merino, silk, silk waste and some nylon that Zed sent me. The top was a bit to wonky for me so i've turned it in and blanket stitched it down, i've also created a seam at the bottom that i'm hoping will wear down, i guess i used to much fibre at the edge ? 
I'm still very happy anyway and looking forward to starting another and improving as i go !!!

I also have to find another button or some sort of button as the black one was the largest one i had and i dont really like it

and the back

Roll on the next one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I've  posted this in our studio to at