Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Bag !

It was time to attempt another bag and i'm a lot happier with this one, i still need a lot more practise but i'm actually going to use this as my everyday bag,  its only day 1 so we'll see how it holds up lol

I've used Alpaca, BFL, merino, silk, silk waste and some nylon that Zed sent me. The top was a bit to wonky for me so i've turned it in and blanket stitched it down, i've also created a seam at the bottom that i'm hoping will wear down, i guess i used to much fibre at the edge ? 
I'm still very happy anyway and looking forward to starting another and improving as i go !!!

I also have to find another button or some sort of button as the black one was the largest one i had and i dont really like it

and the back

Roll on the next one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I've  posted this in our studio to at


  1. It's a good bag for your first trial. Quite sturdy and should last long. I love the color. Well done Karen.

  2. Thankyou Terri, i'll get there lol

  3. Usually the seam at the edge of the resist is because the wool wasn't pulled tightly enough up against the edge of the resist as it felted. I usually try to start moving my edges (once they are holding together) around a bit as I felt so they aren't always in the same position to form a ridge. Does that make sense?

  4. What a lovely, lovely bag. I hope this will hold up for you, because it is a work of art.

  5. Thankyou Ruth and yes that does make sense, i'll work on that for the next one :)

    Thankyou Judy i hope it does to and so far so good lol :)

  6. Great work Karen! This is a really pretty bag! Hope you use it lots :)

    Dont worry about the bottom ridge.. its all part of the learning curve, you will crack it with practice. I used to get ridges if I couldn't feel the edges of my resist.. it was hard to feel if the fibre was not tight against the resist, or if the resist had moved. If you catch it soon enough you can work ridges out; as soon as the resist comes out, if there is a ridge try and work it out by putting your hand in and working the area withsoap and bubble wrap, or on a washer board.

  7. Thankyou Deborah, i do like lots and am using it everyday. Ok i'll try that with the next one thankyou :) I feel like im on a mission now to create the perfect bag, so practise practise practise lol