Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Little Flower Garden !

This one is using my own dyed and blended fibre batt, wet felting the background, flowers and leaves and then adding some stitches and beads. I'm so in love with these i think i've finally found my thing lol

I'm getting quite a pile up and now trying to find a way to hang them that i like, what do you think of this, i like the more rustic look but i'm just not sure,  I may even put a couple on Etsy and see how i go. Pricing is another issue though as i usually give everything away lol  I want more wool though to feed this addiction lol

Or this one, i think without all the yarn is better??

                                                                   Happy Felting !!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Beading Attempt

So this is my first beading attempt over a wet felted background of flowers,  i really love all the embelishing i see and decided to have a go.  I'm just about to start an online course with Susan Sorrell on fibre collage and thats starts on the 5th of July, Of course i couldnt wait and at least had to have a play with some beads. It's only a little piece about 6in wide and i know its a little wonky on one side lol but i love it anyway. I'll keep playing till my course starts cause i'm having heaps of fun

Happy Felting !!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm not sick of them yet lol

So more wall hangings from me,  i cant seem to stop at the moment , anyone would think that i have no       work or house-work or family to take care of  lol  
This one is re-worked from the last time with some added leaves and stems that were wet felted, much better

I really like the colors in this one and now i have to learn how to add embelishments properly with some nice beads and things  The flower and leaves were made seperately and then stitched on.

Hope i'm not boring anyone but i cant see myself stopping anytime soon hehehe  although my daughter says i really need to learn different flowers and not just swirls,  it will happen !!!

Happy Felting xo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another one, I think i'm hooked

Sorry if these get boring but i think i'm hooked, This one i tried to do something different and i dont think its worked, i might take the white flowers off and do something else but my daughter likes them and told me to leave them on, there just some pre-felt i had that i cut into circles and then added a bullion stitch (or 2) in the middle of each one, i was trying to go for a cluster. ?     i'll think about it for a while first before i get the scissors out lol

And i'm still having trouble answering any comments when i'm at home, so thankyou Gina, yes get that book out hehehe                                                          Happy Felting !!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Wet Felted Wall Hanging

I think i've finally found what i really love to do, and all the time to lol   Wet Felted Background with the base being Gotland fibre, then lots of different fibres including, merino, merino silk, silk, silk waste, wool neps, different threads to including gold sparkle, Doesnt really show up in the pic but there is a fair bit of sparkle to this.  I'm still learning different embroidery stitches, i know 3 now   thankyou youtube lol were would we be without it !!!!

                                                                       Happy Felting

Friday, June 17, 2011

Yeahhhh i finally found some time to do some felting,  These projects are from the e-book i purchased from Rosiepink, Creating Felt Art,  Its a fantastic little book and for a beginner in wet felted wall hangings it was so easy to understand just what i wanted,  i really love it.
This one was my first practise one, just to get the feel of what i was trying to do. Everything is wet felted and then i've added some hand stitching in place. Just a ladder and running stitch till i learn more stitches, better get on youtube lol  But i really loved the whole process and i'd forgotten how much i loved all the hand stitching bits.

 The second one i was a bit more careful with the placement of everything and although i still have a long way to go i'm thoroughly loving the whole thing.  I've used some different fibres such as , merino, merino silk, silk, throwsters waste, nepps and my yarn and i love this one :)

I'm off to work on my third one now so Happy Felting :))

This is a link to Rosiepink's site for a copy of the e-book if anyone would like it. For some reason i cant reply to my comments at the moment ? not sure what's happening there :)
so thankyou Mattie xo