Friday, June 17, 2011

Yeahhhh i finally found some time to do some felting,  These projects are from the e-book i purchased from Rosiepink, Creating Felt Art,  Its a fantastic little book and for a beginner in wet felted wall hangings it was so easy to understand just what i wanted,  i really love it.
This one was my first practise one, just to get the feel of what i was trying to do. Everything is wet felted and then i've added some hand stitching in place. Just a ladder and running stitch till i learn more stitches, better get on youtube lol  But i really loved the whole process and i'd forgotten how much i loved all the hand stitching bits.

 The second one i was a bit more careful with the placement of everything and although i still have a long way to go i'm thoroughly loving the whole thing.  I've used some different fibres such as , merino, merino silk, silk, throwsters waste, nepps and my yarn and i love this one :)

I'm off to work on my third one now so Happy Felting :))

This is a link to Rosiepink's site for a copy of the e-book if anyone would like it. For some reason i cant reply to my comments at the moment ? not sure what's happening there :)
so thankyou Mattie xo


  1. Hi Karen, I LOVE your wallhanging. I was actually looking for an book or course on making pictures. I found the link to the E-book. When I get a little more to time I will also order the e-book.
    Thanks for showing!

  2. Nice work Karen, they are very pretty :) I love the effect from stitching onto felt, adds another dimension doesnt it?!

    Rosiepinks work is lovely, didnt realise they had an ebook. I have seen them on Wingham Wools website, they're featured artist there at the moment.

    Im waiting (very impatiently) for a quilting foot for my sewing machine, to play with freemotion machine embroidery on felt. Hope it doesnt take too long (I wanna play NOW), its coming from America.

    I had trouble commenting on here, I'm having this probem with quite a few other blogs too. I cant comment through Internet Explorer... If I use Mozilla (like now) I can comment no problem... weird. I think quite a few people are having trouble commenting on blogger blogs this past month. A few weeks ago I couldnt comment on my own!

    Anyway good to hear from you & see what you are upto xx

  3. I love the colors . Funny how we go through cycles, I just decided to take a break from the wet felting to get back into needle felting . It's great that we have so many options with fiber .

  4. Thankyou Mattie,
    Cant wait to see what you make when you get the book. xo

    Deborah thankyou
    I'd forgotten how much i love all the hand stitching, used to do that long time ago when i made quilts. I hope the postman doesnt take to long to bring you your new toy and i'll be keeping an eye out to see what you do xo

    thankyou Krex
    lol yes i needed a break from needle felting and i'm loving this xo

    i'm still having so much trouble commenting on here, its taken me ages to get this far , hope they fix whatever the problem is soon xoxo

  5. They're so pretty! I need to break out my copy of the ebook and have a bash. :o)