Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Finished Journal

Well I finally finished Rainy's Art Journal for her and I hope she likes it, I also hope that it will inspire her to pick up those pencils and paints and get moving on her Art Work. I probably fiddled around with this way to long but i'm pretty happy with the finished book.  I know you cant see in the pic but there's lots of the foil poking through that in person, does look pretty cool.  I'm hoping to pass this on to her this weekend.
Next I worked on another mixed media piece and remember that i'm only just practising right now but I am getting quite eager to do one that has some meaning next.  I like the colors in this one and I guess it doesn't matter which way is up lol

This is another Journal cover for my friend Mary who needs something to record her dreams in. this one has to be nice and bright cause Mary Definitely is  lol  Im looking forward to seeing how this one comes together
I hope your all having a great week and getting lots of exciting things done  xoxo

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mixed Media Foil Art

I've been playing again with the kitchen foil lol

This is a journal that im making for a friend in the hope of inspiring her to pick up her paint brushes and pencils and get stuck into some art.

Its about the size of  A4 and has nice strong art paper inside,  I've attached lots of bits and pieces to it, rolled up foil to spell her name Rainy, some dried flowers and beads and i cut a strip off a twine place matt to run accross the centre. Covered the whole front and back with foil attaching with paverpol and some pva glue, Now i'll paint, rub and sand and coat it in an aging medium then rub back until i get the effect i'm after.  Really liking it so far.

I just hope it turns out nicely and that she likes it enough to get stuck in to do some art work !!!
I've been following along with Gary Reefs site as he has some great ideas and projects to do
Thanks heaps for all the inspiration Gary :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Foil Art

I've been wanting to try some foil art lately and i've been watching this guy at Loving Mixed Media,  i like a lot of what he does and with this foil art he uses Ashphelt /tar or Shoe Polish,  i opted for the shoe polish because i couldnt find any tar,  basically you create a piece with lots of mixed media in it, cover it with the foil and then paint with different colors. Then you give it a coat of the tar/ shoe polish and wipe off, So heres what i've done so far
These are the pieces just covered in paint, i actually forgot to take a pic before that when they were completely covered in kitchen foil, so anyway i was just using random colors so i could see what it would do and where i was going and in no particular pattern or anything

Once the paint was dry then i brushed on quiet a heavy coat of shoe polish and let dry a bit, then wiped off with a dry cloth. They've both got 2 coats.   When he used the tar you wipe off with white spirits and also you can spritz the spirits on to leave a very cool effect, as i didnt use that its ended up like this. I've used rolled up pieces of foil, netting from a garlic bag, hand spun yarn, bottles tops and a key.

This one is mainly rolled up foil with flat pieces of foil, yarn and very small shells.

Not sure i really like them much and at the moment there not sealed with a varnish. I might give it another go and maybe even just use burnt umber paint to age it.  Shoe polish is very messy but it was fun to make anyway

Monday, March 11, 2013

Back in my Blog !!!

Well after so long of fighting with blogger and given in to make a new blog i'm finally back in here. The new one i cannot get into now so i'm deleting that and staying put here, what a nightmare this all was and i apologise for all the messing around but i'm actually glad to be back in this one so i've re-newed and re-vamped and hopefully i'll have no more problems !!!!!

The weather here has been so hot for so long its taking its toll, i never say this but now that its supposed to be Autumn can we please have some Autumn weather and get away from all this heat lol
Its been hard to get into much with it being so hot but i have been working on some mixed media with foil and i'll put some pics up shortly
I really just wanted to say that i'm back in here and so far so good, i've been able to catch up and move forward !!!

Happy Days xo

Monday, March 4, 2013

Brand New E-Book

 Zed from has created a brilliant new e-book called Beyond Nuno, this book is beautiful and packed full of infomation, she is having a give away and i apologise for not giving you more notice but i couldnt access my blog till now  !
But anyway if you'd like a chance to win this awesome book then scoot on over to here at  and leave a comment,  I havent given you much time now and i do apologise for that.  If you'd like to purchase this book then go to zed's blog and all the info is there. It really is beautifully done

Happy Felting