Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Foil Art

I've been wanting to try some foil art lately and i've been watching this guy at Loving Mixed Media,  i like a lot of what he does and with this foil art he uses Ashphelt /tar or Shoe Polish,  i opted for the shoe polish because i couldnt find any tar,  basically you create a piece with lots of mixed media in it, cover it with the foil and then paint with different colors. Then you give it a coat of the tar/ shoe polish and wipe off, So heres what i've done so far
These are the pieces just covered in paint, i actually forgot to take a pic before that when they were completely covered in kitchen foil, so anyway i was just using random colors so i could see what it would do and where i was going and in no particular pattern or anything

Once the paint was dry then i brushed on quiet a heavy coat of shoe polish and let dry a bit, then wiped off with a dry cloth. They've both got 2 coats.   When he used the tar you wipe off with white spirits and also you can spritz the spirits on to leave a very cool effect, as i didnt use that its ended up like this. I've used rolled up pieces of foil, netting from a garlic bag, hand spun yarn, bottles tops and a key.

This one is mainly rolled up foil with flat pieces of foil, yarn and very small shells.

Not sure i really like them much and at the moment there not sealed with a varnish. I might give it another go and maybe even just use burnt umber paint to age it.  Shoe polish is very messy but it was fun to make anyway


  1. Very interesting and beautiful work Karen! I like it very much! This kind of ageing with shoe polish, bitumen or oil paint I use a lot in my decoupage. I use a bit of vegetable oil to remove the excess of ageing medium. I hope I will keep going and show more!

  2. They look good, Kaz :)
    It all sounds a bit stinky though :)

  3. These are cool Karen - I love the texture. I think it would look interesting to sand back the paint a bit so you can see the foil underneath in places and then add some burnt umber paint and wipe back.

  4. Thankyou Felicity, I never thought of using oil to wipe it back and i'm wondering if vinegar would work as well xoxo

    Thankyou Zed, the shoe polish isnt very smelly but i think the bitumen might me, although i am going to test it out lol

    Thankyou Ruth, i'll give it another coat of the polish and then ill try some sand paper on them :)
    There a fun project to do !!

  5. I don't mind the smell of shoe polish, someone in our house put a rag they'd used with white spirit in a bin by the radiator the other night! The whole house whiffed!

  6. Hey Zed, yes shoe polish is not so bad but a rag with spirits in a bin next to a heater would reek, and be pretty dangerous lol I hope you found the culprit that did that, let me guess out of 2 boys M or B, naughty boy lol xo

  7. So fun for this creation. First time to see it. Great color and texture.

  8. They're great Karen! I've got something similar saved on one of my pinterest boards to have a go at. I like Felicity's idea of using oil paint.. that must be a lot nicer to use than shoe polish & tar.

  9. Thankyou Terri, they are a lot of fun to make :)

    Thankyou Deborah, I"m going to give the shoe polish one more go and then i'll try the paint, I'm loving this and working on another one now for a friend. You'll have to have a go and i cant wait to see what you come up with :)