Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Latest Play Time

Some more Fibre Collages,
Zed sent me some more gorgeous material so i had to use it in this first one, the flowers and stems are using that, lots of beads, embroidery, thread salad, french knots, straight stitch and whatever else i could get on lol  The background is a piece of wet felt i made and wrapped in a material border. I actually like it !!!
 This second one was mainly practising my lazy daisy stitch with beads on wet felt and then the bottom right hand corner is Victoria's Paynes cut french knots made to look like grass, Thankyou Victoria i was just proving that i watch lol , I actually ran out of that green thread so its only in the corner . The stems are using twisted embroidery ribbon and  some straight stiches for the leaves. This one is only postcard size but still good practise
Happy Felting and Stitching :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fibre Collage

Hi Everyone
I seem to be going off  in another direction now and i'm in my element !! 
I've been doing a Fibre Collage Course with Susan Sorrell and i've had so much fun lately with felt, material, embroidery and beads. Zed (feltbyzed) sent me some gorgeous material that i stitched over and i practised my straight stitch,blanket stitch,back stitch and Victoria Crowder Paynes thread salad. i love it
This is what i've made and my daughter (15) loved it so i added some fishy kiss's ( kisses) just for her. I'll put it on a board background so she can hang it in her room.
The background on this is a felt piece i made for it although the course was using a material sandwich, this is what i wanted to do. Using felt , embroidery and beads is for me so i finally found my thing !!
Cant wait to start another course soon, i havent finished with this yet but just wanted to share anyway

                                                          Happy Felting & Stitching