Monday, April 26, 2010

Needle Felted Character Doll

I've had a great weekend felting away all by myself while the rest of the crew were away for the weekend. Its been so good and soooooo peaceful.  Ive had Kay's (kay Petal) online DVD here for a while with not much time to sit and do, so this time i did and i loved it.  Managed to finish this Person and i do like her,  she still needs some little touch up's but i think i'm done for the day, She's 100% needle felted and made  from dyed  merino lambswool with my hand spun yarn for her hair. No name as yet i'll have to just look at her for a while. She can stand on her own for about 10sec's lol  but if she just rest's her hand on something then she's fine. She stands 12inch tall and she's my smallest one i think.  I'm pretty happy with her so far.      eeeeeekkkkk  family's back, there goes my peace and quiet, i love them but   ooooo its been lovely !!!! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still Going but getting there!

Ok as you can see i'm still going and trying to change a few things.  I think after the last week of sadness and traveling interstate and then coming back home and feeling very BLAHHHHH.  I needed a change ,so i'm challenging myself to change this blog, I was getting a bit sick of looking at the same thing and although all i've done is move things from one side to the other lol  and added some pages, although thats still not what i was going for i'm starting to feel like i'm getting somewhere.
So now i've put a few things in the pages but no matter what i do i cant get them all lined up properly, not that it really matters  butttttt you know what i mean !    I'll add more as i go and try to become a bit more computer savvy i think lol  Anyway so tell me what you think,  remembering that i needed a change and thats color and everything , had to get away from the black and i'm feeling so much better now !!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tribute to my Brother In-Law

Sorry I have to do this  !  We've had such a very sad week, My Brother In-law Darren was tragically killed in a motor bike accident on Sunday night.  As you can see bikes were his love after his family. My Little Sister has lost the only Man she has ever loved and 2 gorgeous Nephew's have lost the Best Father anyone could ever want.  He did everything with his boys, bike riding, camping, fishing, four wheel driving or just hanging out. I've never met a better Father and At 41 years young he was taken way to early. He will be so very sadly missed
This was taken a couple of years ago but this is how we saw him most times !
His youngest son Mitchell just had a birthday 11, from left Oldest son Alex 13, my sis Kelly, Mitch and Darren
Always in our Hearts Darren and dont worry about your boys, their well looked after and strong like their Dad !!!!
Im crying now and i cant see so this is my Tribute to You !!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Learning Something New

Well i suppose most of you very talented artist out there will know all about this  but i didnt and its been bugging me. I couldnt for the life of me work out what you would do with Silk Rods , i asked on the forum and they told me but in my own head it just didnt make sense, have you seen those ugly little things ( well you probably have ) lol  to me they just made no sense at all. I know that a lot of people use them in there felt works and they do look gorgeous.  Well all thats changed now lol  i'm happy to say. My friend Zed sent me some to try and i've been looking at them for ages not knowing what to do so yesterday i dyed them the same way i dye everything else and they came out nice but NOW what hehehe. I thought you pulled them apart to make like a roving but that didnt really work so it was suggested that i might have to soak them again to seperate.  I'm thinking seperate what ! there so flat but then i put some stronger glasses on lol  and i could actually see a semblence of layers, aha i thought so i very slowly tried to peel the layers apart, alot harder than you think, the first effort resulted in a tangled mess and i realised then that this is how they get the throwsters waste, we'll leave that to one side and i just waited for some to dry before another play and wow i started to pull off this fluff,  i soon realised that if i wanted more fluff than stringy bits i have to wait till its crispy dry and then just with gentle fingers started to pull at the ends,  I love how it comes out so here's some pics to show off.
I should have taken a pic before dying, sorry i didnt think of that !!

Dying the rods
Peeling the layers off, this is still wet
The final yummy fluffy Cloud  but it has to be crispy dry to pull it out. otherwise it goes to a waste , i left a layer of the rod there in each color to show you and everyone likes it different so know we can do both.

When your in a hurry to seperate and dont have patients, this is what happen's
Anyway as i said im sure most of you will have know this but not me, so this is my lesson for the day
Happy Felting

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On a roll

This is some Gotland Fibre that i hand dyed and  loosely spun and then plyed with a gorgeous bronze metalic thread, I'm into a bit a bling at the moment and this one has lots of sparkle and very soft.  She'll be going on Etsy !!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Silk Hankie Batt

I've been playing with my drum carder today and wanted to make something a bit different, so i started with some merino in different colors and then i added a whole silk hankie all the way through and very slowly , its so sticky but one hankie goes such a long way that i didnt realise how far you can pull them out. I'll definitely use them again. Its given a really nice shine to this batt .  I've also listed it on Etsy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Day of Spinning,Dying and Carding

Had a great day today, i made this nice bling Batt using merino lambswool and silk tops in a gorgeous Autumn Mist color, love how it turned out. I did list this one on Etsy . I actually started ,my etsy shop back up again about 3-4 weeks ago and have yet to sell anything, i know it takes time and i'm starting to wonder weather my wares are just to boring considering some of the amazing fibre batts out there, or do i just have to have more patients lol which i will do .
More spinning using natural white romney fibre then dying in blue and purple, just left as a single at the moment but i might ply it with some nice metalic thread
These are the yarn i've made since i purchased the wheel last week, i do have another hanging to dry and forgot to unclude it in this pic, What to do with them all now  lol

Saturday, April 3, 2010

You guessed it, more yarn !!

This is my hand dyed lambswool and i plyed using a gold metalic crochet thread, i tried to be really clever and after a while i took the thread back up on itself to try to create a little nobby bit lol you cant see it to much in the pic but it looks good and i love the color combo to. This could make pretty funky dolls hair for our needle felting ?

I watched a youtube video tutorial on core spinning by Jazzturtlecreations , she is so good at what she does and the video was really easy to follow so i had to try, it took me a while to get the hang of it but i think i did ok. I used a fine crochet cotton as the base and my hand dyed lambswool i was trying to spin up into a textured yarn !!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Second Try at Coils

Ok here we go again, this is the second try at coils, i'm struggling a bit with over twisting in the base yarn and i think it might be a bit thick, i was just using some bought 4ply for the base and when spinning the coils its very hard to feed through onto the spool. Should i be using a really fine base yarn ??? I'm not giving up though cause i really love coils , maybe i should just learn how to spin properly first. I Always was impatient lol
The coils are spun from Gotland Fibre that i dyed myself.

The rest of the yarn left as a single ply, i really love those colors