Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still Going but getting there!

Ok as you can see i'm still going and trying to change a few things.  I think after the last week of sadness and traveling interstate and then coming back home and feeling very BLAHHHHH.  I needed a change ,so i'm challenging myself to change this blog, I was getting a bit sick of looking at the same thing and although all i've done is move things from one side to the other lol  and added some pages, although thats still not what i was going for i'm starting to feel like i'm getting somewhere.
So now i've put a few things in the pages but no matter what i do i cant get them all lined up properly, not that it really matters  butttttt you know what i mean !    I'll add more as i go and try to become a bit more computer savvy i think lol  Anyway so tell me what you think,  remembering that i needed a change and thats color and everything , had to get away from the black and i'm feeling so much better now !!!


  1. I think its looking really good Karen! The new colour scheme is very calming & easy on the eye :o) I liked the old look too mind you. But this is great! Well Done!

  2. Thankyou Deb,
    I think i like the green to and i'm definitely not going back to black even though i liked it to.
    A change is as good as a holiday, so they say lol
    thanks again xoxoxo

  3. I like it, neat and clear, also this green is pleasant.

  4. Thanks Terrie, i'm liking it a lot better now to xo