Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looks who's arrived early
I love santa, he's 100% needle felted and i had so much fun making him, i couldnt reach my chimney so i had to just sit him on the roof, that is were he comes in anyway isnt it lol
He's 12in or 32cm tall and i just love his face, he looks so kind

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sour Grapes

This was my first attempt at using Alpaca for Needle Felting, I found it to be a bit squishy and to soft, (beautiful to touch) but a lot harder to needle with. I think thats why she might look a bit sour, and the fact that she had no time to fix her hair before her photo shoot. lol

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is my version of our Hilda challenge that our teacher Kay Petal (Feltalive) put to her students. Hilda is a voluptous Pin-Up Character of the 1950"s created by Artist Duanne Bryers. This was such a fun challenge and even though i could not for the life of me get her face anywhere near what she looked like, i still had a ball bringing her to life my way.

Whenever i look at Garf i have to laugh, I just absolutely love this guy, He came out of no-where really, i was just doing a practise head that i was going to leave alone but then i couldnt really do that now could i.. He still needs some butterflies and flowers cause i think he would just love them. Big ole dumb Garf. He's my biggest doll yet and he took me quite a while to make. But loads of fun to see him come to life. Wool really does have a life of its own and really does create a lot of giggles. lol He's all needle felted using a single barbed needle.

Hazel is another of my favorite Dolls. Originally she was a boy right up until i added the hair and then whala, lol she was a girl, i was wondering why i was having so much trouble getting him the way i wanted, its because he wanted to be a she . lol Hazel loves to read and she quite often sits outside under a tree and spends hours immersed in her favorite books. I really love the way she turned out even with her wonky teeth and face. She is just so happy all the time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is my man Bert lol He's a funny little fella, he was lucky enough to be there with Mya in the Art Show and they both received a Highly Commended award to. Thats pretty special especially as now fortunately or unfortunately (whichever mood im in) Bert has since been sold to a lovely lady that begged me for 5 days to own him. I'm sure he's very happy now with his new owner but i'll have to make Mya a new friend.

Introducing Mya She is my absolute Favorite Doll and my very first Feltalive Doll with Kay Petal, I love her to pieces, she has such a free spirit and so calming on me. Mya is 100% needle felted using a single barbed needle as is all my work. I think just the thought of taking that handful of raw fleece and washing and dying and then creating something ,that to me, is just awesome. I am so in love with the whole process and it really amazes me what or who can come to life with wool.

This is one of my favorites, a gorgeous lady by the name of Marti helped me create this tapestry, i really wanted to do a scene from our harsh australian outback and this was the end result. I actually entered this one in my very first Art Show and received a Highly Commended Award, i was so very Happy with that.

I wanted to try my hand at a needle felted tapestry and these are the first two that i accomplished, the little cabin is a bit wonky but i love them anyway

Flowers anyone, I love a house full of flowers and i love them even better when i dont have to water them or do anything, as i dont have a green thumb i thought these would be perfect. My daughter has the little pink one on her bed head and she loves waking up to a pretty flower every morning.

This fruit platter was one of my earlier pieces to. The banana is my favorite but i really enjoyed trying different pieces of fruit. Couldnt quite get the bunch of grapes happening though but i will try again later.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I am so sorry but i already seem to have accidently deleted the lovely comments made to me by 3 friends. I do have a lot to learn and i'm pretty shattered by that.

She is supposed to be a pin cushion or something. Still had no idea what i was doing then except enjoying myself a lot

I love this little wall hanging, the background is wet felted and then the flower is needle felted in place. Its only small and pretty bright, the very first wall hanging

The Weird & Wacky

This needle felt lady was one of the first pieces i tried to do without having any instructions. she's a bit wacky and she was a lot of fun especially as i was really just learning.