Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looks who's arrived early
I love santa, he's 100% needle felted and i had so much fun making him, i couldnt reach my chimney so i had to just sit him on the roof, that is were he comes in anyway isnt it lol
He's 12in or 32cm tall and i just love his face, he looks so kind


  1. Your Santa is so detailed! He he he, you could make a fireplace with his legs in it and strategically place each piece to look like he's realllly long!

  2. lol now that would be good,
    Thanks Morgan

  3. He's brilliant Karen! I have a feeling your house will be particularly festive with your felt works this year. :D

  4. Thankyou Rell, and i think so to and really looking forward to it.