Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Year, New Work !!!

OOOO its been so long since i've posted, life, family, Christmas, Holidays did get in the way !!!
I've been working on something different these last couple of weeks and it all started with Ruths Challenge on our studio site on a daily dose of fiber, 
Ruth wanted us to join in on this challenge for the first quarter and at first i laughed and thought , No Way can i do that lol   but it did get me thinking a lot and i knew i needed a change of pace. So i decided to play with some books, i've NEVER  been much into Altered Books but playing with these has changed my mind :)   I"m still playing with lots of fibre, as there made with, silk, silk paper, beads, threads, sari silks and ribbons, paint , paverpol, shima sticks, felt and other light weight materials. Basically anything i can get my hands on :)
I made a full post over on our studio site, which is here
So here are a few that i've made, i will only improve as i go along but i'm thoroughly enjoying the fact that i can have a few on the go at once, there all done in different stages so there's lots of drying time in between to work on another one so they do take a couple of days all up. 
 I'm having a Ball
this one is using, felt, light weight material, beads, shiva sticks, and lots of threads
This one is using paint and Tyvek, i wanted  to see how it melted down around the pages, i might have overdone it here but i think the tyvek will make great lace work or even cobwebs !

This one is using, paints,silk,  tyvek, threads, felt, angelina and light weight material

This one is paint, beads, silk and silk threads and shiva sticks

I used silk paper on the back of a couple and should have saved it for the front, i love the effect

So thats what i've been working on and i have to say thanks Ruth for the challenge, i'll be keeping this going all year, not just for the quarter  !!!!!!