Friday, October 9, 2009

OOOOO i'm a little bit addicted to making these, i still need to learn how to make different flowers but i'm loving this right now. Its a bit hard to see but there are 2 layers to the actual flower on this one, should have used slightly different colors to see better.
Anyway not to worry lol This is a background of corriedale , merino in different colors and my yarn for the stem

Monday, October 5, 2009

More Flower Power

I couldnt help myself, had to make a couple more cause i'm thoroughly enjoying every minute of this so i hope you like them :))

This first one is my first time using a Silk Hankie, its the main flower with some Angelina Fibre in the centre, also some silk waste at the bottom, my coil yarn as the stem.

I wanted to try a raised flower, i'll keep practising that one lol My yarn is the stem double and then doubled again, not sure if its a bit to thick.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little Garden of Flowers

I decided to try my hand ,Again, at these little wall hanging. I'm always so inspired by Deb from Deebs Fibre Art, she makes the most gorgeous wool paintings.
I had so much fun and absolutely loved this so plan on making more although i'll have to learn how to make different kinds of flowers.
The first one took me quite a few hours as i pulled it back about 3 times, but now i love it and happy with the way it turned out. The second one took me less time and i'm happy with this to.
There both using a base of charcoal corriedale with merino and gotland fibre of different colors, the first one has angelina in the centre of the flower and the second one has viscose nepps in their centre's. Also the stems are using my yarn's , i really like the coils for the stems in the second one.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


As today for us lucky Aussie's is the 3rd of October and International Felt United Day i thought i would gather some of my friends and put them on display. Now i know i didnt make anything especially for this apart from the orange flower , i thought it would be fun to play around and let the neighbours see these funny little things looking at them. We had a bit of a laugh as you can see by the look on there faces, I think they enjoy being outside lol

Friday, October 2, 2009

Were does the time go

Its been quite a while since i've posted or even accomplished any felting. Supposed to be a quiet time of the year on our little Island but for some reason, not for me. I feel as if i've been busier than ever with no time to do much for myself, oh well i guess thats just life. lol
I did manage to have a couple of free hours the other day and i was determined to make something. Well this might seem such a small thing for the time but i actually made this flower ( at least i got to make something) lol I do have adjust one of the stamens as it looks like a tongue sticking out at me but its been a while since i actually made one so i'm happy non the less. lol
Both the orange and green are prefelts i made first and then cut and put together to create this flower. So far its the only way i know how but as i said its been a while. lol