Friday, October 2, 2009

Were does the time go

Its been quite a while since i've posted or even accomplished any felting. Supposed to be a quiet time of the year on our little Island but for some reason, not for me. I feel as if i've been busier than ever with no time to do much for myself, oh well i guess thats just life. lol
I did manage to have a couple of free hours the other day and i was determined to make something. Well this might seem such a small thing for the time but i actually made this flower ( at least i got to make something) lol I do have adjust one of the stamens as it looks like a tongue sticking out at me but its been a while since i actually made one so i'm happy non the less. lol
Both the orange and green are prefelts i made first and then cut and put together to create this flower. So far its the only way i know how but as i said its been a while. lol


  1. Hei, Karen :)) It is a beautiful flower you have felted and I love orange ! Here in Norway the flowers has gone to bed for the winter and therefor it is wonderful to enjoy your "Aussie Spring Flower !!

    Have a nice weekend, my feltingfriend !

  2. That flower is beautiful and the photo is very nice. I can understand what it feels like, not to have a bit of time off (guess, how I know!).

  3. Your flower is fabulous. I always enjoy your posts. Sorry I didn't enter the September challenge. I've had a lot of computer problems.

  4. Thankyou Gun, Our Spring Flowers are just coming out here to, so i'm just helping them along lol

    Lizet thankyou , Yes i do know lol

    Thankyou Jasmine, i really appreciate that and absolutely no problems, I havent entered anything myself for a while either, maybe we could both try for the October Challenge.