Saturday, October 3, 2009


As today for us lucky Aussie's is the 3rd of October and International Felt United Day i thought i would gather some of my friends and put them on display. Now i know i didnt make anything especially for this apart from the orange flower , i thought it would be fun to play around and let the neighbours see these funny little things looking at them. We had a bit of a laugh as you can see by the look on there faces, I think they enjoy being outside lol


  1. Happy Felt Day to all the colourful tree dwellers on your blog. They are so real that I feel like striking up a conversation with the group.

  2. happy feltunited day!!!
    in switzerland we start at my studio on 11 in the morning!
    you can see my feltinstallation now on my blog.

  3. Happy Happy Felt day to both of you and thankyou so much.
    FELT4U You'll have to be careful as i think they actually might talk back hehehe

    Thankyou Filz i'll check out your blog,
    i hope you both have a fun day

  4. How lovely :) I saw your post this morning and went straight out and made something to post to celebrate our day of Felt :)

  5. Happy Felt day to you too, my dear felting friend, Karen !!

    It is so fun to see all your precious felted gold in the tree !!lol

    In one of the first comment I got in Flicr was form a Lady from Australia, and she used the word AWESOME and my humble poor english haven`t the world in the vocabulary. My daugther laughed at me and she told me that it was a positive compliment :))) And now when someone on the telly or somewhere else says that word, I think of you, Karen ! Awesome !!

    Have a awesome felting week in your Spring-country, lucky you !

  6. awwwwww Gunn, you are the sweetest person ever. In fact you are AWESOME. hehehe,
    You know that word is such a standard word over here that i forget someone from another country might not understand.
    It's most definitely a very positive compliment meaning Fabulous,Fantastic,Beautiful,Brilliant you know all of those good words all rolled into one. lol
    You have an awesome week to my felting friend xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo