Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Dyed Gotland Fibre

I'm lovin dyeing this fibre, its so easy to work with, takes the dye really well and spins up lovely. Still using my drop spindle i dont know if i'll ever use a wheel.

This first one i dyed 2 different lots. One in pink and green and the other in purple and pink and then plyed them both together. I really like the way it turned out.

This one was a dark grey natural Gotland that i over dyed in a blue-green and light-green and this is how is came out. A bit darker than i thought but it was pretty dark to begin with so it still took the dye really well.


  1. hello Karen and thanks for following. I saw that you have succesfully organised a fundraising event for the fires in Australia- we are trying to do the same for the fires in Greece we would really appreciate any input- advice comments experience- on how to go about it
    i hope all is well
    thanks in advance

  2. Hi Manya, i'm so sorry your having to go through all this heartbreak. I left a comment on your blog with a link to the topic on our felting forum. I'll also add your link in a topic on my blog.
    Our Artist's Offering Fundraiser for our Victorian Fires was a great success. From what i've read i think your doing a great job. We actually found the best thing we did was to make sure everything is tagged with the donors details, people absolutely loved the fact they could see how far away all the items where coming from. You could Contact your local newspapers and get them to run a story, even now, and then regular updates until the event. I also contacted editors from as many art and craft forums and magazines, art societies ect, as i could and most were happy to place an add in there newsletters.
    I wish you luck and your doing a Fantastic thing
    My heart to yours