Saturday, April 3, 2010

You guessed it, more yarn !!

This is my hand dyed lambswool and i plyed using a gold metalic crochet thread, i tried to be really clever and after a while i took the thread back up on itself to try to create a little nobby bit lol you cant see it to much in the pic but it looks good and i love the color combo to. This could make pretty funky dolls hair for our needle felting ?

I watched a youtube video tutorial on core spinning by Jazzturtlecreations , she is so good at what she does and the video was really easy to follow so i had to try, it took me a while to get the hang of it but i think i did ok. I used a fine crochet cotton as the base and my hand dyed lambswool i was trying to spin up into a textured yarn !!


  1. Theyre both brill Karen! The youtube vids are a great resource arent they?!

  2. Thankyou Ruth :)

    Thanks Deborah the amount of time i've been spending on youtube i could have been spinning more, but it is worth it i'm learning so much !!!

    cheers ladies xoxoxoxo