Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Day of Spinning,Dying and Carding

Had a great day today, i made this nice bling Batt using merino lambswool and silk tops in a gorgeous Autumn Mist color, love how it turned out. I did list this one on Etsy . I actually started ,my etsy shop back up again about 3-4 weeks ago and have yet to sell anything, i know it takes time and i'm starting to wonder weather my wares are just to boring considering some of the amazing fibre batts out there, or do i just have to have more patients lol which i will do .
More spinning using natural white romney fibre then dying in blue and purple, just left as a single at the moment but i might ply it with some nice metalic thread
These are the yarn i've made since i purchased the wheel last week, i do have another hanging to dry and forgot to unclude it in this pic, What to do with them all now  lol


  1. Love your colorful dyeing. If I can do as you will be GREAT but I don't know. Nice to view your stuffs.

  2. Awwww thankyou Terri and yes you can, dying is so much fun and not hard to do at all, I love your work to:))

  3. Karen, your yarn looks lovely and soft. I am sure it will sell, just be patient.

  4. Thankyou Lizet and i promise i will :)))

  5. Love the new bat Karen & your yarns are FAB!

    Your wares are NOT boring at all, they are lovely! Sometimes its just hard to get seen I think on Etsy, its pretty huge

  6. Thanks Deborah i really appreciate that and i'm going to hang in there with etsy, i'm sure you'll hear a big fat WoooHooo when i sell something. xoxo