Sunday, May 6, 2012


I havent been able to do much of anything lately, my father in-law is quite sick in hospital so we've been running back and forwards, seeing him and cleaning his house for when he comes home and its a 3 hr round trip so makes for long days, also my Daughter is doing a beauty course thats about an hour and 20min drive away so guess who sits in the carpark waiting all day lol   im using that as my chill out day either reading or stitching all by myself , its lovely
So this morning ( sunday) i was itching to try some silk paper making, not good,  i started out with mulberry silk and then added silk throwsters waste, silk rods and hot fix angelina and i can tell you that NOTHING stuck to the mulberry silk, not sure why and the dye ran a lot.  I tried a few times but just couldnt get it to work, i didnt have any trouble with the straight rods, waste and angelina so i can only assume that the mulberry isnt something that you can use to make paper ?  has anyone else ever had trouble with that fibre ? 
So heres a couple of pics of what happened
the layers seperated so i could put my hand through lol nice

The mulberry just would not stay put


 using silk rods, waste and angelina, I even added in some Rainbow Trilobal that zed sent me and it worked fine

straight silk rods

on to the next one lol  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. Just remember how you made those 'mistakes', Kaz, because one day you'll probably realise it'd be perfect for something you're working on :)

  2. Hope you are getting some relaxing moment soon. And the mistakes, well they are just stepping stones for a new idea. Enjoy.

  3. Thanks Lizet, i'm looking forward to some time out xo