Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Book Cover

I've been working on another book cover, this one i added a whole piece of silk to the front, you can see where it didnt quite felt in but thats ok as i'm going to add stitching and beads to this one, It actually fit the book to so i was pleased as punch with that.
Front of course
Just to give an idea of the texture, i love it
                                                                             Inside right
Inside left
and back cover, its a little darker than what this shows up
I'm also making a small purse for my camera but its giving me a bit of grief so i'll keep working on that.
To let everyone know as well, i've been trying to add comments to some blogs and that word verification just wont let me, Heathers in fine but not the rest. I've unchecked the sign in box as last time that was the problem but it still wont let me add comments and i give up after around 8 goes :)
Happy Felting xo


  1. Your book cover looks great! Can't wait to see the stitching :D

  2. Your book cover is beautiful. Just the right background for beading and embellishments. I pretty much skip the comments boxes that require the word verification. There is really no need when you can just do comments moderation.

  3. Thankyou Ruth xo

    and Thankyou Judy, oh thats right i think the comment moderation is enough :)

  4. That looks gorgeous, Kaz, the texture of the silk is really nice. I like the texture on the inside parts too :)

  5. Thanks Zed, This ones probably my favorite so far and i love making them :)

  6. Thanks for your very kind comment on my blog post, Karen. I work very hard at what I do. It is always nice to get such wonderful feedback. Only other artists understand that.