Saturday, November 19, 2011

What i've been up to :)

I know im a bad blogger sometimes but i promise i'm not sitting idle !!


This is a mixed media small wall hanging using felt ( of course) beads and stitching and then i mounted it onto a background from an old hard back book which i added gesso, paint and used shiva sticks.  I really like the way it turned out and definitely going to do more !

The bottom piece of felt, stitched and embelished

                                                              Flower and background, stitches and beads

                                                 Book board covered with gesso and shiva stixs

Next post will be a huge announcement and i cant wait to tell what i've really been up to, apart from the above .  Sorry to be a tease but thought i'd stir and keep you all guessing lol   Its Big :):)


  1. Oooo... What could the announcement be??

  2. These are all lovely and a great inspiration for me to start cutting and stitching all those wet felt mats hanging in my closet....

  3. lol Ruth

    Thankyou Krex and so i expect to see some stitching happening from you shortly lol