Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hand Made Beads

Hi Everyone
Its been a while since i posted anything and i have been busy but not much to show or tell lately
Till now of course,  i've seen some gorgeous hand made textile beads lately so i thought i'd give it a go and create some of my own. I do have a fair bit of practising to do but there so much fun to make. I've never used a heat gun before either so that was interesting :)
Anyway this is my very first lot of beads using Tyvek, Angelina and Metalic thread, The bead on the top i thought i'd be clever and wrap it with cling wrap, i'm really surprised at how strong and hard they are, Sorry about the pics i just cant get closer with my camera without it all distorting.  Am i on the right track ??

This is my second try, the top row is the first one i killed ( ooops i mean made) and the bottom row is my second attempt. I'm so loving this i need to find out what other sort of things can be added in and how do you stop the need for a third hand lol i guess i'm just not used to working with anything so small.


  1. Can't wait to see these beads attached to felt! :)

  2. They are really beautiful, Karen. We will never run out of possibilities with felt!

  3. thanks so much Ladies, ruth they will be shortly and Lizet that is so true :)

  4. The beads are unique. Must be a touch of love with felt pieces. Eager to see it.