Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Hanging in Progress

No not a hanging by the neck lol  althoughhhhhhhhh  !!!

I've made a start on my wall hanging and i still have a long way to go but just showing pics of the work so far with some stitches and beads. I've used back stitch, straight stitch, french knots and thread salad. The thread salad stitch came from a tutorial by Victoria Crowder Payne and i get such a kick out of using it , it still needs more and makes a great grassy area, tree branches or even moss, i love it , I have lots more work to do on in yet but really enjoying seeing it come together
                                                                       Happy Felting xo


  1. Oh and I expected a hangman's noose :) It's looking good. How's the baby album coming?

  2. I always love your colours Karen, you have a real eye for them! This latest hanging is looking gorgeous!

    Like Ruth, I cant wait to see how your baby album is coming on :)
    Deborah xx

  3. Beautiful stitches and knots. Love to see your works of wool + stitches - so leisure I can imagine.