Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Challenge at the Studio

Hi Everyone
Over at our new site we will be adding a Studio Challenge every quarter, this is just for fun and the first one is a challenge on creating any Twist's Twirls or Spiral to add texture to Felt
This could be anything including Coiled or Twisted Wool in Felt or a Mixed Media piece
Check out the link and come have some fun  http://feltingandfiberstudio.com/ we'd really love to see you there and see what everyone comes up with :)

We did have a bit of heads up with first one lol but here's a bit of what i've made for this

                                                                         Happy Felting


  1. love all the texture and color going on with this piece . I lost my wet felting table for now but hope to get back into it soon...perhaps time to break out my older wet felt and start embellishing with all the beads I have been hoarding .

  2. Thankyou Krex
    I really hope you get your table back, in the meantime its so much fun to embellish anything lol

  3. Zdolnosc thankyou for dropping in, i'm sorry i dont know what you said lol but i love your work :)