Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Hot Sunday Afternoon !!

Hi Everyone,
Its a gorgeous day today, bit hot outside so i thought i'd stay in and do some felting today.  First after checking out our Studio site i found that Ruth had put up the Felting Around the Web Post. She always seems to find some really great links so i thought before i start felting i'd have a go at making some Skeleton Leaves

What a joke,  i used mainly gum leaves and few others i found and after simmering away in the solution for nearly 2 hours this is what i ended up with.  No skeletons in there lol   nothing i did would take off the outter green leafy bits and the whole pot just went to absolute mud. Smelt like rotten peas to lol
Anyway i did have some fun watching and seeing what or if anything would happen and took some lovely pics for you to see haha

                    This is after almost 2 hours of simmering away, it was a thick slushy mess

Still leaves,  and not even soft enough to strip away the green outter layer, in fact as they cooled down they became as stiff as a board lol  Dont think i'll be trying that again and now i have to clean that pot  lol  

While waiting for that to do what it was suppose to do i layed out some more fibres to make another sheet of felt.  I used BFL with lots of threads, silks, organza, and rainbow nylon.  Some of the organza didnt really want to felt in but i'll stitch that down when i decide what i'm doing with it
                                                                Before Felting


After Felting , it has a nice sheen with the nylon  

Happy Felting xo


  1. LOL - sorry karen - I don't ever know if the suggested posts are really worth trying or not. Maybe it was the type of leaf. I guess we'll have to see if anyone else experiments. Sounds pretty stinky!! Love your felt. :)

  2. LOL Ruth you dont have to be sorry, Judith did this to and it worked. It was fun to try anyway but i wont be doing it again lol

  3. I usually love these kind of experiments but not sure this one is worth the smell and mess . On the other hand the felt work looks great .

  4. Had to laugh at your leaf stew. But, your felting makes up for it. Just another experiment gone bad. Tomorrow is another day.

  5. lol Thanks Girls, its all in the fun of learning and Judy yes, there's always tomorrow lol