Saturday, January 21, 2012

Felting with Nylon

I've been playing with some different fibres to see what i can do,  Were were talking on the forum about shredding sari silk yarn or ribbon so this is what i did.
The base is 2 layers of BFL liecester and then on top i added lots of bits of shredded up sari silk ribbon, then shredded or peeled layers of organza yarn, which ended up a bit like silk waste and then topped it off with some rainbow Triloban Nylon top, that the lovely Zed sent me, Its like Angelina but really lovely and  soft.  Its still wet when i took the pics and it seems to have gone a bit dull but i'm hoping once its dry it will pop again.  I really like the colors all together and i might turn this into another journal cover.

Before Felting

After Felting, but still wet, yes i'm impatient lol

Now that its dry and it does have a gorgeous sheen to it. sorry you cant see in the pic


  1. Looking good Karen- will you be adding stitch?

  2. This is really beautiful, Karen. Wonderful shades of color.

  3. Thankyou Ruth and Judy
    Yes i will add some random stitches and beads to it. I really love how stitches came bring a piece to life :)

  4. Gorgeous colours Karen! I can just imagine how shimmery it is in person (I use all those bits too.. they're gorgeous aren't they?!)
    This would make a beautiful journal cover!

  5. Thankyou Deborah, it was fun shredding everything to add in and the nylon is super soft and gorgeous :)

  6. I love waiting to see all the shininess of other fibres re-appear when the felt is dry :)
    This looks great, Kaz.

  7. Thanks Zed, that nylon gives it a really nice sheen :)