Thursday, January 5, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday

or TAST from Sharon B's Pin Tangle site,   which is learning a new stitch every week ,so this is the latest project we'll be working on and hopefully get through every single week of it
I've decided to make mine using a square frame and calico, i'll do random stitches in the square until i'm comfortable with that stitch and then at the end of the 52 weeks i'd like to make my squares into my own book of stitches, not sure how i'll do that yet and there's no hurry as we still have 51 weeks to go.

                                                       This is the first one, a Fly Stitch

You can see where i started, on the left lol  and got a bit more adventurous as i moved across, i had to add some french knots, there's not many stitches that i know but i can make a frenchy lol  I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and it'll be a great reference point to keep going back to.  I'm looking forward to next weeks stitch.  If you click on the pic it will enlarge so you can see the stitches better !!
If you'd like to join in then please just follow the link below to Sharon's site
Happy Stitching xo


  1. Wouldn't this be a great project to make a fabric book, with all the stitches in it. I will have to think about this possibility.

  2. Yes Judy thats what i thought to, it'll be a great reference guide, i'm not sure how to make the book yet but i'll work that out later lol
    Thankyou xo

  3. Karen, I've just subscribed to Sharon B's newsletter. Her tutorials are great. I also join your Fab 4. So glad to be a member.

  4. Thanks Terri and really glad your joining in with us, its going to be great :)