Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Simply Amazing

Well it finally happened, We became Nana and Pop yesterday afternoon,  WooooHoooooo

Here is Little Charlie weighing in at 6lb 4oz's and the most devine little thing ever , My son Sean is over the moon and just cant believe he's a Dad. Mum Kelly doing very well and cant keep the smile from her face.

How Gorgeous

Daddy's got you Charlie Girl !!! He cant take his eyes off her and its so gorgeous :)

And me with my granddaughter !!!!


  1. Congrats Karen. Such a gorgeous such a huge gift in 2012 ! Can see how excited her Dad.

  2. Happy New Year og congratulation with your adorable and gorgeous litte grand daughter, Karen !! Im going to be a grandma in March and Im so trilled !

    My needlefelting is sleeping at the time, because of my new little dog, Barnum.

    Big Hugs to the proud Nana and her little one.

  3. Thankyou so much Terri, Her Dad is over the moon:)

    Gunn Thankyou so much and how exciting that you'll be a Grandma soon to, i cant wait to see some pics shortly of your new little one. I'm glad your having fun with your new little Barnum and hope to see you felting again soon.
    Hugs back at you both and thankyou again

  4. Where's the nana photos!! She's a doll :)

  5. The full face piccy of Charlie made me go all gooey! She's beautiful.
    Have many cuddles while you can - she'll soon be helping you with your felting!

  6. And now you will be another grandma carrying pictures. Congratulations.

  7. Thankyou Zdolnosc, Ruth & Annie
    Nana pics are comin Ruth, there on Sean's camera and he hasnt left mum and baby at all, he's sleeping at the hospital on a mat on the floor l lol soooooo cute
    Annie she makes me go all gooey to, and hopefully i'll have someone interested in felt in this family lol

  8. Oh Yes Judy, I'll be creating a brag book to always have on me lol

  9. Congratulations Karen :D
    What a beautiful baby! I'm so happy for you all x

  10. Thanks Deborah
    We think she's pretty special, now if i could just drag her away from Mummy & Daddy lol