Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ahhh Winter Blues

I'm sorry i havent been here or anywhere for a few weeks now, I dont cope very well in the winter months and i'm having a bad case of the winter blues.  Usually i enjoy having the wood fire burning and the house all nice and cosy but this year is already colder than normal and i'm having so much trouble coping with that, and we dont even have snow here, lol  i'd be no good in England or anywhere that is cold enough to produce that white fluffy stuff, Gorgeous to look at but not live in lol 
I'm trying to snap myself out of this mood and Zed really helped (thankyou zed) by sending me some of her gorgeous coasters for my never ending cups of coffee, i love them zed. Also Tess ( Asset Crafts) on flickr has also just really inspired me with her Gorgeous Fibre Batts, i'm in love with them lol 
ahhhhhh somebody slap me out of it, I'm missing far to much  lol   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


  1. Sorry to hear that Karen. We had HUGE snowstorms here in February! They were fun for the first few days and got annoying after that. Now its summer and hot. Wishing for a snow storm now. HA. Never satisfied am I? Hope you get inspired by something soon!

  2. Awww Thanks Ashley, i sooooo much prefer the summer with all the heat than the cold, it's the wind chill factor that does it because that just seems to go straight through to the bones. lol
    Dont worry though i'm sure i'll be complaining again when it gets to 45 degrees.

    cheers karen

  3. A little something to make you smile -
    YOU were THIRD on the list
    of results of a google search for needle felting ! You must be doing something right with your posting labels....
    Cheer up : )
    Maybe you could snuggle up nice and warm and spend a few (extra) hours on the internet - I always feel guilty doing that when the sun is shining and warm and there are usually never enough hours in the day - now you have the perfect excuse! You never know what you might find to inspire you !
    Try this:- it's a great spite of some recent sadness, it remains whimsical, heartfelt and inspiring...and there are some interesting sites listed for the Mad Hatters Tea Party to visit as well. I think its a nice place to lose yourself for a while.
    Keep smiling!

  4. Awwwww Thankyou so much for that, it really did cheer me up. I intend doing just that this weekend xo
    Thankyou for the link, it bought back some beautiful memories of our beloved Max and i'll be going back to immerse myself in that site.
    Its working and i'm feeling so much better so thanks so much again i really appreciate you xoxo

  5. I know just how you feel as it is so very cold here right now too.
    What i do is get all my hand-stitching and a few new projects that take time to work out and bring them all into my cosy lounge and sit and watch my favourite DVD's while working away. I have several things on the go at a time so when I get stuck or bored with one project i can work on another.

  6. Thankyou Jill
    Thats just what i'm doing now to, sitting in front of the fire at night, favorite shows on and needles in hand, it is good therapy and its working a treat lol xoxo

  7. Karen--
    It has been over 100 freaking degrees here in Philadelphia several days this week, and let me tell you...I sure wish we could trade places for a bit!!

    One of the most useful things I ever heard when I was feeling blue and restless was that I should just welcome all of the feelings I was having (even the sad ones--just 'feel them')...let them wash over me and through me...and then let them flow OUT. I know it sounds a little new-agey, but it helped a bit.
    Hugs and love--

  8. hehehe Thanks Heather and dont worry i'll probably be saying the same thing to you when its our summer lol
    I have heard that does work so maybe i will try it, also the sun is out today so going to friends for a couple of hours and i may even crack a bottle of bubbly lol light of course, and soak up some of those rays with some good company lol
    cheers xoxoxoxoxo

  9. Hallo my Dear Aussie Angel! I hope you are better now :)) Here we are in the middle of the summer hollydays, and the rain is pouring down and the sky is grey. Typical summer weather here in Western Norway. I m going to Fiksdalen for some days and i have packed my wool. I wonder if you have needle felted or spun some nice yarn lately. I really hope so :) You are one of the best you know !!

    Take care, My Dear :))

  10. Awwww Gunn you are so special and you always make me feel so much better
    Sorry your not having nice weather either, i think the seasons are changing for all of us. I havent made anything for over a month now and really starting to miss it so i will try.
    Enjoy your few days away and have fun with your wool.
    Lots and lots of Love
    Karen xoxoxoxo