Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Puppy

This is our son Chris's new puppy Ike, we've had him for 2 weeks now and this first pic is the first couple of days at 9 weeks old. Came to us fully toilet trained , couldnt believe that and its been great. His gunna be a big Baby,  His Father is a Bull Mastiff cross RidgeBack and his Mother is a Bull Mastiff cross Great Dane , Tiny little thing isnt he  lol 
Now at 11 weeks old
And when he's to pooped to pop lol


  1. Such a cute baby for you to play with

  2. Last picture of his pose is so funny and relaxing !!

  3. Ahhh ! Hei is the most gorgeous big baby dog I`v seen for a long time ! His is just perfect ! Look at that adorable face :)

    Thanks, Karen for you nice answer. I`ll come back to you for ordering :))

    A big troll-hug from the Norwegian Forest :)

  4. Oh Karen!!! I LOVE Big dogs - they are so goofy and fun. Ike is so adorable and he is very lucky to have such a wonderful family to call his own.

  5. Awwwww Thankyou Terri,Gunn,Robin & Kay you guys are awesome xoxo
    I went to meet Ike's big brother yesterday, (Gus) he's from the litter before ike and omg he is Ginormous like a little pony lol and the most docile BIG dog i've ever seen, we think ike's gunna be the same, a Gentle Giant
    Kay i think Max would be happy :)))

  6. Aaaaah Karen :o) he is LOVELY! He`s a Scooby Doo! Plenty to cuddle :o)

  7. Hehe Deborah yep lots to cuddle :)

  8. Thanks for your comment. I thought you might like to peep into your future via one of my blog contacts: http://whitecloverstitches.blogspot.com/
    I love Howard !
    Keep up the felting..the bags are hard work aren't they? I made one to sell and will never make another!

  9. Oh Wow isnt he just adorable and such a massive boy , thankyou for the glimpse lol
    And yes they are pretty hard work but i'm really enjoying for now. It could change though lol
    cheers and thanks again xoxoxo