Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Awww Poor Lil Gary

This is what happens when Ike the puppy goes into my room,  He had a ball and poor Lil Gary needs some serious surgery hehehe !!

I came home to find my felting room absolutely trashed from one end to the other lol

He got into bags and lower shelves, i just made a really nice batt but couldnt find it. Part of it is the orange and blue and the rest was outside in the dirt ripped to shreds lol  and poor lil gary is a mess
arrggggg  puppiesssssssssssssssssss
Dont worry I now have a lock on the door lol


  1. Oh my! What a mess...he didn't mean it, I'm sure. (tee! hee!)

  2. Aw ... if puppies weren't so cute ...

  3. hehehe Oh yes he did, he loves wool, but how can we be mad, he is so cute lol

  4. Oh dear, what a mess ! He did mean to play with it. He loves it and you love him. So he's spoilt! He's so cute.

  5. poor ole Gary LOL
    I have an 11yr old dachshund dame - she still does that, so don't count on the fact that they'll 'grow out of it' ;)

  6. Thanks Terri, lol yes he is very spoilt

    Tia oh no my poor room will have to be permanently locked lol