Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paverpol Week :)


I really  felt like playing with paverpol this week so I created another paverpolly lol

Although this time I decided to see how one of them went making it strictly with wood glue and not paverpol,  It basically worked the same although it was better not to water the wood glue down by very much at all,  I think its as strong as paverpol and way less expensive but I will still use the paverpol anyway, I just wanted to see if the wood glue would be as good and I am happy with it.
So this is the girl I made,  also made her book out of left over silk paper and her bag from card stock that I covered in black gesso then my shiva sticks,  I was thinking she needed something else so decided to make her an umbrella, since she sitting reading, supposedly outside lol

I haven’t decided if I should paint the umbrella yet or what color if I did.  Its just made from wire and material dipped in the wood glue and left to dry
I thought id show you my paverpolly shelf to,
My favourite is still the green girl which was the very first one I made.
I enjoyed this making this new one and in the mood for another, so happy days everyone and I hope your enjoying whatever it is your creating xo


  1. Hi Karen, super polly dolly - and I love all the others too! Gilli @ Tasty Textiles

    1. Thanks so much Gillian, i've never been into dolls but i really enjoy the paverpollies lol

  2. She is lovely Karen! How tall is she?
    I like the brolly unpainted.. looks like a pretty lace parasol