Friday, June 28, 2013

Ann's nuno challenge

Ive been a bit lax in this blog lately,  sick hubby but he's chugging along ok for now :)

Ive just made something for Ann's challenge over on the studio site, in the nick of time to as it ends in a couple of days

every quarter we take it in turns to put up a challenge, mostly felting and fibre related and they are a lot of fun, if anyone would like to join in then just follow the link above, we also discuss lots of info on our forum so please feel free to check us out there to

So anyway I got my nuno piece done, not very good and i'll have to practise more but it was fun , this is the material I started with, (unknown) and a bugger to work with lol 

I really wanted to try some trilobal nylon but that was not to be !!!  after about an hour of rubbing and rolling it didn't take much at all, so I had to give up on that and move on

I just used some blue merino and it worked much better, I know the colors not crash hot but I still have lots packed away in boxes and this blue was the handiest,  it did turn out nice and soft and quite strong to

as I said I need a lot more practise to get this right but I will be trying again

Hope your all enjoying whatever it is that your creating xoxoxo

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