Monday, March 11, 2013

Back in my Blog !!!

Well after so long of fighting with blogger and given in to make a new blog i'm finally back in here. The new one i cannot get into now so i'm deleting that and staying put here, what a nightmare this all was and i apologise for all the messing around but i'm actually glad to be back in this one so i've re-newed and re-vamped and hopefully i'll have no more problems !!!!!

The weather here has been so hot for so long its taking its toll, i never say this but now that its supposed to be Autumn can we please have some Autumn weather and get away from all this heat lol
Its been hard to get into much with it being so hot but i have been working on some mixed media with foil and i'll put some pics up shortly
I really just wanted to say that i'm back in here and so far so good, i've been able to catch up and move forward !!!

Happy Days xo


  1. welcome back!!! happy to hear that your making mixed media. I'm trying too at the moment. So I can't wait to see yours. hugzzz...peebee
    ps. I wish we had a bit of warm weather, because we have snow again. Bluhhhhh.....

  2. Glad you got it worked out Karen! Your revamp looks nice. I need to do that to my blog.

  3. Thankyou so much Patty, i'm having a great time learning mixed media, i'll happily send you some summer cause we've had enough lol

    Thankyou Ruth :)