Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not quite a pod

Some of the girls over on our Studio site and forum  have been making bird pods and they look amazing. Well i thought i'd try my hand to and it didnt quite turn out lol

My so called pod ended up looking more like a pink sorting hat from Harry Potter, as i started felting i realised that i'd cut the resist all wrong, thinking only of the top and not the bottom, silly me so, what started out looking like this

then became a secret fairy house with a very shy fairy, i was quick though and managed to get this shot lol

These flowers were probably the best ones ive done so far .  I ended up having some fun with this so i'll try another pod shortly.

So come and join us over at the studio and have some fun in our interactive forum
See you there and happy felting  !!!


  1. Wow, a pretty fairy house ! The color is romantic and the flowers are icing on the cake. Love it.

  2. Maybe a definition of creativity? "Seeing the new possibilities of something that doesn't turn out the way you expected!"
    It's charming - I love it!

  3. You know, if I saw that on your porch, I would think someone dropped their lovely hat and would probably carry it in to you. That's how much I know.

  4. Awww Terri Deborah Ruth and Judy thankyou so much xo

    Judy it looked way to much like a hat to me to xo

  5. Ohh...I love this bit of whimsey! ;-)

  6. ohhh...what a lovely bit of whimsey! :-)

  7. Thankyou Michelle, It turned out a fun project :)